Besides being a t-shirt brand, KAFT is a “design platform”.

Our aim is to keep the designs made with the most creatively and elaborately formed designs in one place, within a given concept. We don’t want these designs to turn into a target of fast consumption, produced quickly, in numbers, without special care. Therefore we don’t believe in mass design production, we try to keep our production to a limited and decent extent.

To make this happen, we believe that we should continuously develop ourselves. This instinct of evolution leads us to make more creative designs every time. Instead of adding these designs into collections, creating an overcrowded stock, we sometimes prefer saying goodbye to a loved one.

If a t-shirt turns into a Clearance product, it is sold with a discount, staying with us until sold out and it leaves us never to be produced again. This way we have a dynamic collection and open space for new designs.

Keep in mind that clearance products are not usually covered in the campaigns, as they already come with a decent price.

If you've got a t-shirt, a hoodie or a poster on your cart then posters are only $10.40.

This campaign is not offered for a limited time but cannot be combined with other promotion codes.

We work hard to prepare KAFT Hoodies. Soon you can enjoy KAFT designs on hoodies.

We collect the designs of the talented and worldwide famous designers. They design for KAFT and we print their designs on our products.

We will soon prepare new t-shirts with the designs of the following designers; Onur Can Çoban, Ethem Onu Bilgiç and Emre Turhal.

Hope you will like our new designers' designs too!

A new feature is ready on; now you can set your favorite KAFT design as a wallpaper (desktop background) on your computer. You can check our wallpapers from KAFT LOVERS > WALLPAPERS menu.

Some designs are missing but soon will be ready to be downloaded.