A unisex design that you can wear comfortably in
cool weather and will complete your outfit.

To some, it's classic. To some, it's innovative.
The truth is that it has an attitude that winking
at the oversize style of the '90s.

We used elastic ribbed fabric both
on sleeves and hemline.
We designed pockets in a unique,
an unordinary way.
There are strings to adjust the hood and a piece of
faux leather on the tips to keep them together.
We used a bone-tooth zipper. There is also
a silicone zipper puller that we love
the sense of touch.
There is an embossed KAFT logo
detail on the sleeve.
These hoodies are washed before you
receive them. That’s why, they maintain
their proportions and don't shrink.
On the inside surface, we use
raising” technique. It gives a
soft feeling to skin.
The coloring materials used for
production are certified and safe,
posing no risk for human health.
Made of 100% good quality
combed cotton.
For now, we have 12 color options.
We will continue adding new colors.
All long-sleeved products are packaged like this. We make sure that each item in the package is made of useful and reusable materials, for a long period of time.
Your KAFT products will reach you in one of the 3 different sizes of cloth bags, depending on the size of your order. You can use these bags while organizing your closet, drawers, or packing a suitcase, or you can just put your stuff in them. It’s completely up to your creativity.
The design sticker is an invaluable part of every package. It won’t easily leave any marks wherever you stick it but better be cautious about it anyway.