#01 - CUTS

They have a jean look and a standard cut.
The fabric is extremely flexible and comfortable
even though it looks like denim.

#02 - FABRIC

You won’t only look cool in it but also move around easily and
most importantly, reach inside the pockets without trouble.

We used 98% cotton,
2% elastane
“gaberdine” fabric.
Thte item is washed after being
manufactured, which ensures
that it won’t shrink in the
washing machine; you will be
using it in the same
measurements as the first day.
The coloring materials used for
production are certified and safe,
posing no risk for human health.


The buttons are
made of zamak,
which makes them
sound and durable.


On the back pocket,
there is a piece of
artificial leather
with our logo on it.


We used
YKK zippers,
the best quality
in the world.

Washing Instructions

Similar to all other Kaft items, there aren’t any nonsensical,
uncomfortable labels attached to the shorts.
We printed the washing instructions and other useful information
on the pocket lining.

We have 5 different color options at the moment.
New ones will be added in time.
We make sure that your Kaft package consists of practical items
that can be used over a long period of time.
The design sticker is an invaluable part of every package.
It won’t easily leave any marks wherever you stick it
but better be cautious about it anyway.
Your Kaft items will reach you in one of the 3 different sizes of cloth bags,
depending on the size of your order. You can use these when organizing your closet
or drawers and when packing a suitcase, or you can just put your
stuff in them. It’s completely up to your creativity.