Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang CheungShing was born in Hong Kong. Being one of the most world-famous sculptors of China, Tsang gained recognition with his ceramics works. Specifically his "Yuanyang" series achieved great success. Working mainly on white porcelain and stainless steel in the recent years, Tsang has won a number of international awards with his unique works. Enjoying tranquility and being in silent places, Tsang says "When I am working on my artwork, I enter this peaceful status easily. I have to admit that most of my creative ideas are rooted in this status."

For his "LucidDream" sculptors, he says: "The idea of "Lucid Dream" originated from my dreams and meditations. For years, I have written down the details of my dreams when the memory is still fresh. This provides me unlimited resources of creative ideas. Actually, I did turn some of the ideas from my dreams into reality. Last year, it happened again during a meditation. That's when my mind is totally empty. Some images or visions appear in my mind without any input. I always feel that there is love in these ideas. I have a strong motivation to make it real and share it with the world. I believe this is a mission to touch the people who are waiting to be reached. Because these ideas don't come from my consciousness. I find this fascinating. It is quite different from my previous works. During the process, I feel like I am going back to my dream. When the work is complete, it feels like my dream has come true."

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