Özgür Ruh
"Every human being is born pure before he starts life. The colour you will take is up to you in your life way. You can either go on with blue as you started or become a rainbow. Blue is the colour of purity and beginning... On the contrary to red, it is also the colour of heart at the same time. Your breath streams to live. You rise while you disperse around. As you wish...
And the hell is below all the time. It always pursues you; it's always at some part of your mind. You just wish to touch it but you take your hand back. But what if the hell is justice? You'll never be sure about that."

Şevki Orhan

Özgür Ruh - Tshirt

Fast Fingers
"Spirit of the broken item, hear me out! We fell to pieces but let's accept it, we had a great time. "

Fast Fingers - Tshirt
Fast Fingers - Tshirt
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"Everyday they wake up, check the day's menu and choose a mask. Because extras don't use stunt doubles."

Vertien - Tshirt
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