Flying Low
So now, imagination was a colorful machine floating in the sky.

Flying Low - Tshirt
Flying Low - Tshirt

...these moments start with feeling fed up. The weeks passed on slowly, with a ball of stress piling up in the stomach. And then, when you least expect it and there's no one else, you take the pen with boredom or hit the chord on the old guitar hanging in the corner and it all begins... You can't believe all that's been spilt around when you sober up. They are still shining and moving right in front of you as if their heart was beating. Your opacity, on the other hand, is still at 33%. And you wish you never returned, and they kept spilling.

Sonar - Tshirt

Together Alone
Though we might share the same physical environment, we are seldom together. It is here that we breathe the same air with objects and expand our space as we sculpt them.

This three-dimensional border begotten by their unquestionable tangibility becomes home to perspectives yearning for infinity.

Together Alone - Tshirt

When these objects strip off their function and put on the context that I created, how many millions of times were they produced before no longer matters.

Box - Tshirt

The Sky
What do you dream of when time and space are out of your reach?

The Sky - Tshirt

There are more things to be discovered