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Man in search of tranquility flees from other men and yearns for men afterwards. He never thought he'd want to come across someone like him on the road. Perhaps this lengthy solitude scared him. He couldn't have gone so mad as to be on a journey everyone would fear. Man rests on the road, questions, contradicts himself and wants to relax at the end of the day. He was going to be still if only he saw a silhouette or a movement. What he needed was the awareness that he wasn't all alone. Before long, he saw some people walking toward the horizon by themselves. He had his journey somewhat confirmed by their existence. He wasn't alone. Man can remain alone at most until that time when he feels he can tolerate others.

Xuntos - Tank Top
Xuntos - Tank Top

I've learned a lot from my mistakes. Yet my mistakes have learned more from me.

Target - Tank Top
Target - Tank Top

I survived for centuries and began performing a one-man play in the flashy costumes of each and every species that I caused the extinction of.

Okeanos - Tank Top

There are more things to be discovered