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We are a design brand and we tell stories in wearable forms. We avoid fast fashion approach and traditional production timelines. We act with the idea of timelessness while producing. We make our journey meaningful with the inspirations we get from different art disciplines, the aesthetics of functional design, philosophical perspectives on existence and essence, and the innovations of technology.

Our annual production plan is limited, this has been the case throughout our brand history and shapes the core of our approach to sustainability. We create approximately 30 new t-shirt designs each year.

We appeal to a community that cares about which objects they include in their lives. We bring our designs to life together with our local manufacturers, which are well thought out, created with quality materials, and have timeless stories and long life cycles.


Vision for Tomorrow

We are aware of our responsibility to protect our planet and do better each day. Our collaboration with TEMA Foundation started in 2020, and ever since then, we have taken firm steps to reduce our environmental impact. We donated over 50.000 saplings to TEMA Foundation together with KAFT community.

In our collaboration KAFT x TEMA, we focus on the transformative power of planting saplings, and their backstory. Planting saplings regenerates nature and gives people a vision for the future, hope and a sense of belonging to the community.

This simple act has great effects in the long run, such as improving air quality, supporting the water cycle, preventing erosion, contributing to biodiversity, and creating socio-cultural benefits. We aim to leave a sustainable and positive mark on our planet.


According to data from TEMA Foundation, more than 50.000 saplings we have donated since 2020 cover an area of 23.19 hectares. If we want to imagine the size of this area;


Double-decker Bus


Football Field


Louvre Museum

Membership and Certificates

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is an international non-profit organization that supports more sustainable and equitable cotton production worldwide. The organization's core principles include reducing water use, limiting chemical use, improving soil health and protecting the rights of farm workers.

Focus points for sustainable farming practices:
Water Use
Care for Soil Health
& Natural Habitats
Reduce of Harmful
Advocate for
Womens’ Inclusion
Focus on Workers’
Safety & Well-Being

The Better Cotton Initiative membership represents cotton producers committed to ensuring production in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable and responsible manner.

As KAFT, we prioritize sourcing Better Cotton Initiative's sustainable cotton production standards in 2023, particularly minimizing water and chemical use, improving soil health, protecting biodiversity and supporting the rights of agricultural workers. We plan to implement these standards gradually; we aim to source 50% off the cotton we use as Better Cotton by the end of 2024 and 100% by the end of 2028. → Click here for more information about the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI


OEKO-TEX® is an international certification system that approves textile products as safe from potentially harmful substances. This system creates certificates for different standard groups and was established in 1992 in partnership with the Austrian Textile Research Institute and the German Hohenstein Research Institute.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a certificate issued to verify that materials used in the textile and clothing industry do not contain substances that may be harmful to human health.

We work with local manufacturers that have OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Product Class II) certification. We commit that the fabrics we choose for our designs and the dyes we use for screen printing are safe for human health.

→ Click here for more information about the OEKO-TEX® certificate.