KAFT is a "design brand"
that's founded on two values: creativity and care.

It appeals to people who are in pursuit of beauty:
to art-lovers whose preferences are not shaped by popular culture.

We are living in a society that is becoming ever more corrupt. We are all losing sight of values we used to hold dear. For example, good aesthetics and beauty are losing their importance. We are moving far from consuming the things that have soul in them. We are instead spending our lives under the profound effect of popular culture. Instead of creating and using art, we are watching bad TV, reading mediocre self-help books, and listening to mind-numbing music. We are closing theatres and demolishing historical cinemas instead of building theaters and making history in cinema.

The value of art disappears slowly in this kind of world. Creativity is no longer chased, so it is no longer found.

As a result, most of what we eat, listen to and play, is dull, lame and soulless. Everything is created not with care, but with apathy, and this apathy irritates us. Most of us have no taste in what we wear. We are all wearing the same brands of clothes; the uniformity of our clothes deprives us of a chance to express ourselves. There is no reason we should be wearing brand names on our shirts when we could be wearing art.
We know that there are people who are upset by this uniformity and would like to express their character in their clothes. These people are the people who are making the world more beautiful by writing, reading, drawing, following, playing and listening. These people, we hope, are our consumers and our designers.

One of KAFT’s most important goals is to meet the spiritual necessities of these people.

We also want to continue the ages-old principle of "Fair Dealing". That is, the practice of not deceiving anyone, caring about people who value the brand, and leading others in this way.
The designs of KAFT have special characters in them. It expresses surreal ideas in shaded colours.
All KAFT designs are strictly held to the following standards.
KAFT designs are original and unprecedented. They are not affected by popular culture.
All designs must appeal to the eye. They all adhere to patterns color and form.
There lies a core idea or message within every design.
We stay away from designs that are whimsical but lack substance.
We prefer to focus on interesting and original ideas instead of stereotypes and clichés.
When it comes to quality, we have some essential principles. KAFT products are always

elaborately manufactured with high-quality standards,
using the best and healthiest materials possible
that are different from the ones in the market.

We wanted to create a unique brand. That's why we spent a full 2 years creating and developing the name, logo, and brand.

KAFT was founded by three idealistic friends. Working together, the group proved to be a small but powerful force as time passed.

The first thing we did was materialize our ideas. We then sought out the best people to help us. We found great manufacturers who ensured that we would be sewing fabrics of good quality and prints of great detail.

In our very first year, we stared with 10 of our favorite designs. Soon, we reached 100 designs by printing at least one new design every month.

We started with our own designs, but the following year, the most talented illustrators and digital artists joined us.

Today, we work with more than 15 designers whose designs cannot be found anywhere but at KAFT. Please go check out the biographies and designs of our awesome designers.

We started to design different products (not just clothes) with the same enthusiasm. We designed new products while still taking the KAFT philosophy into consideration. We were thus able to continue to create beautiful and interesting products.

We created the poster version of designs, soon followed by hoodies, and last, we released the "KAFT BAG" series.

KAFT is known worldwide now.
Our designs have spread 56
different countries.