I've learned a lot from my mistakes. Yet my mistakes have learned more from me.

Time - Tshirt
Time - Tshirt

Friendly gatherings on the grass, horizontal or vertical journeys, colorful festivals, time passing with writings, drawings and works, tiny miracles and going out to the streets... There is always music playing in the background.

Nigoma - Tshirt

Every day, from dawn to dusk, I surround the sky with cables and launch my satellites of imagination.

Kiux - Tshirt

I've made a long-term memory of myself in the minds of people that I don't remember from last night.

Laugar - Tshirt
Laugar - Tshirt

Who knows, maybe once upon a time, gravity too was just a figment of someone's imagination.

Woolgather - Tshirt

Though humans share similar architectural spaces, they roam through completely different dimensions internally. What proves to be difficult here is not living with humans but understanding them.

Neighbours - Tshirt

Wired Duo
"Light pains are repressed; great pains are mute."


Wired Duo - Tshirt

Mano Tres
To make sure you are not dreaming, look at your hands.

Mano Tres - Tshirt

He came back to the world as an old tractor commuting between abandonment and rediscovery.

Landingo - Tshirt
Landingo - Tshirt

There are more things to be discovered