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Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra was born in 1982. The Dutch designer graduated from Zwolle Arts Academy as an illustrator in 2009. Hoekstra, redesigns and reinvents the world with a very distinctive approach. Regular objects, animals, people from the Daily life come together and intertwine with each other in a surrealistic way, in Redmer's designs.

Redmer explains his sources of inspiration and designs: "I've always been fond of topics like how things work and the reality behind them. I used to create theories on how the rice was made or when the world became colorful (because it looked black and White in old photos). I discovered this again at the arts Academy and realized its power. Everyone has a unique perspective, therefore making anything possible (consciously or unconsciously). Everyone creates his own reality."

Redmer Hoekstra currently creates his work in Holland.

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