Seungyea Park

Seungyea Park was born in South Korea. He studied Fine Arts at New York, Long Island University, graduating with both an undergraduate and graduate degree. Working mainly on big projects, Seungyea Park, attended many solo or group exhibitions when he returned to his country.

Prefering to work on paper with pen and acrylic, the artist was awarded "The Asian Art Award" by the Sovereign Art Foundation, which is an institution based in Hong Kong supporting art events across the world. He was also selected as the artist of the year by Jonggeun dang Kore. Having created works for International Art Studio, Ssamje Art Studio and the Art Studio of Yungeun Art Museum, Seungyea Park draws attention with his uniquely surrealistic paintings.

It's essential to include Seungyea Park's own words while explaining the characteristics of his works. "My works address the topic of "Monstrousness" caused by fear in our inner world. The reason is that angst and horror are being used as permanent and universal devices for maintaining social systems, and that these feelings are regarded as 'enemies'. While regarding taboos as monsters, differentiating them from us, we ourselves become freaks. "Monsters" are everywhere. Now, the "I" in me is facing the "I" outside of me. They have conflicts, captured by another fear. They are immortal existences. The true nature of fear is perhaps as evasion of something nonexistent. I create my work, wishing that I can be accustomed to and overcome fear by drawing, and facing monsters, or the true nature of fear" says Seungyea Park about his works.

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