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Mikhail Vyrtsev

Mikhail Vyrtsev was born in Moscow. Having spent his school years here, Vyrtsev studied design at the Moscow University of Industrial Arts. After leaving school to take up a career, Vrytsev has worked for various magazines, production ateliers and campaigns, specially the BangBangStudio, which he admires a lot.

Vyrtsev, who goes through a deep contemplation process while creating his works, explains his sources of inspiration as: "A contemplation of thought process. It always fascinates me when I understand the reasoning behind things. It's not only about art, but anything. And it deeply upsets me when I see that no thought is involved in a production, or the thought was evil or silly or vile."

Believing that being meaningful, reflecting a message is key for his works, Mikhail Vyrtsev says that he tries to base his art on clear ideas with open messages, without confusing minds with obscure clichés. Working mostly on watercolor and computer based techniques; Vyrtsev tries to adapt new techniques not to limit himself. Mikhail Vyrtsev currently lives in Moscow and keeps on creating.

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