Moonassi was born in Seoul, in 1980. Having received a major degree in "Korean Arts" from College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Moonassi also studied traditional techniques and East Asian philosophies such as Buddhism and Taoism. He travelled for a long time "in search for things that are in contact with Eastern tradition and art" as he liked Western culture and lifestyle. As a result of these long journeys, "What I ended up discovering was to know that we are all "human beings", regardless of the differences between the West and the East", says Moonassi.

Moonassi describes the characteristics of his works and his sources of inspiration as follows: "For me, if it is a great work of art, it should be able to impress people regardless of their nationality, age and cultural differences. There are many things that an artwork can impress viewers, but I wanted to concentrate more on the 'story' in the artwork than on the beauty of style. I wanted to talk about 'emotions' that anyone could feel. It is a series of 'Moonassi drawings' that started in 2008. "Moonaa" is my artist name. I wanted to be Moo (meaning nothing or empty) - Na (meaning ego or the conscious "I"), as an empty ego that can contain anything, but ego. Because I thought that I had to empty myself if I wanted to tell a story everyone would sympathize with. The characters in the Picture act me and your story with a quiet gesture. I express various emotions that I feel in relation to many people around me. Moonassi drawing is a project that will lead a lifetime and we are gradually expanding the outline."

Currently, Moonassi continues taking part in various activities such as exhibiting his works in galleries, collaborating with various brands, and drawing for magazines and making public art.

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