Albin Bousquet

Albin Bousquet was born in 1976, in the city of Saint-Denis, France. Having studied graphic design first, Bosquet completed his studies in Fine Arts in Toulouse, holding a degree in the History of Art. After graduating, he started working as a graphic designer.

Albin Bousquet describes
the key characteristics of his works and his inspirations as follows: "A couple of years ago, I wanted to bring my life and my art together. I threw away all my drawing equipment, keeping only a block of paper and some pencils. Later on, I saw that there were many talented artists, who drew in similar mediums as me. I liked their work and "I want this", I said to myself. Even though I am normally a cheerful person, my drawings are often dark and serious. I really don't know the reason myself. My style is all about my efforts to create something from black ink and fine pen. I appreciate that people imagine the hours of work spent on my drawings and details. I like precision and strokes. Graphic patters are essential parts of works. I use very little digital production in my drawings.
Drawing allows me to decompress the digital and stay alive."

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