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Alexey Egorov

Alexey Egorov was born in a small village in Western Yakutia. In addition to being in regular school, he also had musical education. After school, he entered university, studied for a long time, but got bored with the specialty of mining engineering. He decided to become a designer because he liked to draw from a very young age. After university, Alexey settled into an advertising agency and then got a job as a worker in the printing house where he acquired the skills of a designer of printed publications. During this time, he also began to study computer graphics using the 2D technique. As a child, he was a diligent student at a music school and was sure that music is one of the greatest ways to see the world differently. All his life, he listened to tons of music of all kinds of styles and directions while working and drawing. Alexey believes that we can get inspired by everything. Each thing has the potential to wake up and become a grain, the beginning of a new artwork.
He defines himself as an amateur artist, so his works are created on his own initiative. It is pure enthusiasm for him to work on his projects; he proudly admits that he lives by them. In addition to the awards that he received after uploading his designs on various websites, he always participated in contests. A lot of his works have been printed in a number of foreign catalogues. Alexey loves the feel of these books in his hands, and with age, he believes they will become even more valuable than any award. For him, an important hobby is studying the musical culture of different genres. He also has an interest in questions of history and the film industry.
Alexey still lives in the city of Yakutsk and works as a polygraphist. He runs a small publishing house with his wife.

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