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Andrea Koroveshi

Andrea Koroveshi was born in 1996, in Korçë, Albania. Having started his journey of art as a kid, Koroveshi explains that period: "Growing up in an environment where there was no point in making art in general, allowed me to achieve these artistic stills by practicing on my own. Although there was very little interest in art, I was lucky enough to have my family's support."

Motivated by the idea that "Your imagination is your super power", the artist tells that he spent his first years drawing heroes from his childhood, that his choices slowly changed as he grew up and discovered the digital art world, a totally new universe that he had no idea about. Explaining that the repetitive practices and mistakes were effective in improving himself, allowing him to develop faster than he had expected in high school years, Koroveshi was always supported by his family and the art community he belonged to.

The artist, who tries to keep away from trends and popular art forms, uses stylized landscapes in his works and focuses on creating worlds rooted in personal memories and thoughts.

After giving a break for a short time to complete his studies, Andrea Koroveshi has started creating new works since 2020.

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