Pack Your Stories


TÜRKİYE 37° 57’ 04.7” N, 27° 25’ 50.6” E NESİN SANAT KÖYÜ |

Journeys to new geographies and feeding our souls with the unique experiences we encounter on the way have always been a great source of inspiration for our team.

We pictured Nesin Art Village as a shelter where thinking is encouraged and creativity is flourished. A journey to the village was our dream for a long time. We set out for Şirince, excited about the screen printing workshop we will be holding.

The sky was fascinating. The changing forms of the clouds turned our journey into a silent movie.

The next morning, a busy day was ahead of us. We met the FluTv summer camp participants and chatted a bit. Then in the evening, we met in the Tosun Terzioğlu lecture hall to transfer the designs onto the t-shirts.

While transferring our designs created for the Nesin Villages with the community, we felt at home thanks to the spirit of sharing and the coziness of the environment.

On the last day, we were filled with the joy of the wonderful encounters in the village and the excitement of visiting the Ancient City of Ephesus before returning to Istanbul.

Walking through Ephesus felt like a window was opened to ancient times. The glory of Ephesus inspired us not only to think of the past but also of the future.

On our way back home, seeds of new ideas were already imprinted on our minds.