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I'm sure there's a power out there that can age time; leaving it outdated, underdeveloped, and past its prime.

T-Storya - Tank Top

He finally reached a seaside town where lot of people want to move to when they get old whereas lots of others have an excuse not to. Since it wasn't the season, not many vacationers were there. It wasn't only because it wasn't the right season. Isn't vacation something that is earned with more work and advertised by others? Everybody works. He met the mild wind, loads of sea shells and timid waves on the shore. He heard a few seagulls tearing through the soupy air. Seagulls never retire. The humankind is born, raised, gets a job, catches the pieces of bread thrown at him and retires when he's old. It's only dreams that don't get old. He curled up under one of the colorful umbrellas like a stray dog, took a large sea shell in his hand, brought it up to his ear and slept to the sounds it made.

Reisen - Tank Top
Reisen - Tank Top

To prevent being destroyed by nature, we gave up on our freedom and accepted to become a society. We don't know if we'd been better in the cave with only five or ten of us, but the order most of us has settled in makes us question whether it was worth the freedom we lost or not.

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There are more things to be discovered