Kapelo - Sulphur

Color: Sulphur

Fabric quality

Made of 100% soft acrylic threads. The texture is quite elastic and soft, you’re not gonna even feel it on your head.

The coloring materials used for production are fully organic, certified and safe, posing no risk for human health.
Fabric quality


There is a genuine leather piece on the right side of the front with our logo on it.

Kapelo has a modern and comfy fit. It won’t be tight around your head thanks to its elastic fabric.

Width Height
239 2610.2


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Return & Change

We take full reponsibility over our products.
Therefore we offer our clients 100% return warranty.

If by any reason you're not pleased with the product you can send it to return in 1 year.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via info@kaft.com.
Return & Change

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