Kleuzip - Turquois

Color: Turquoise
Size: Size chart

Fabric quality

Made of 100% good quality combed cotton called double-knit fabric.

These hoodies are washed before you receive them. That's why, they maintain their proportions and don't shrink.

We apply raising process on the inside surface. It gives a soft feeling to the skin.

The coloring materials used for production are certified and safe, posing no risk for human health.
Fabric quality


We used elastic ribbed fabric both on sleeves and hemline. We designed pockets in a unique, an unordinary way.

There are strings to adjust the hood and a piece of faux leather on the tips to keep them together.

We used a bone-tooth zipper. There is also a silicone zipper puller that we love the sense of touch.

There is an embossed KAFT logo detail on the sleeve.
Size Chest Arm Length Hemline
XS 5822.9 7429.2 6626 4618.2
S 6023.7 7529.5 6826.8 4819
M 6224.4 7630 7027.5 5020
L 6425.2 7730.4 7228.4 5220.5
XL 6726.4 7830.7 7429.2 5521.7
2XL 7027.6 7931.1 7630 5822.9
How To Measure?

You should measure across the chest below armhole when laid flat.

You should start from the shoulder and measure down to the sleeve.

You should measure from the highest point of the shoulder down to t-shirts bottom hem.

You should measure from one side to another when laid flat.

Model sizes

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 70 kg

cm / kginch / lbs

Put your height and weight, let us suggest the best size for you.



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Therefore we offer our clients 100% return warranty.

If by any reason you're not pleased with the product you can send it to return in 1 year.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via info@kaft.com.
Return & Change

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