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Pakaru - Ocean

Designed as a product that you can comfortably walk around when it gets windy, and also will not leave you alone while it's raining lightly with its water repellency. There are many adjustable parts and it has an oversize style for daily life activities.
Color: Ocean
Gender: Unisex
Style: Rain Jacket
Size:  Size chart
(Pakaru has a drop shoulder & oversized fit.)
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  • Fabric quality
    All materials are 100% poliester. Texture is soft.

    It has water repellency to protect you in the light rain.

    The coloring materials used for production are fully organic, certified and safe, posing no risk for human health.

    We do not use animal-based materials in our designs.
  • Details
    There are adjustable parts for sleeves, hemline and hood. You can turn it into a small bag by folding inside the pocket sack.
  • Waterproof
    It has a water repellency to protect you in the light rain.
  • Sustainability
    We bring our designs to life together with our local manufacturers; which have timeless stories and long life cycles. While doing so, we care for production models that respect nature and humans. You can visit our sustainability page and get detailed information about all the work we do in this route.
  • Return & Change
    We take full responsibility over our products. Therefore we offer our clients 100% return warranty.

    If by any reason you're not pleased with the product you can send it to return in 1 year.

    If you have any questions, you can contact us via
Size Chart
How To Measure?
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
60 59 69.5 58
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
62 60 71 60
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
64 61 72.5 62
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
66 62 74 64
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
68 63 75.5 66
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
70 64 77 68
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
23.6 22.3 27.4 22.9
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
24.4 23.7 28 23.6
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
25.2 24 28.6 24.4
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
26 24.4 29.2 25.2
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
26.8 24.8 29.7 26
Chest Sleeve Length Hemline
27.5 25.2 30.3 26.8
Model Info:
Size : L
Height : 189 cm
Weight : 79 kg
Size : S
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 59 kg


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