• PENA Series

    All the destructive suspicions zigzagging around the orbits of my mind were actually made up of primitive codes written in another galaxy.

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  • DREAM OUT Series

    I've made a long-term memory of myself in the minds of people that I don't remember from last night.

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  • NAGBIT Series

    Mankind has been producing objects for over two million years. If the first human to make their own products were to be teleported to today's world, what would they feel in the face of countless objects covering all surfaces?

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  • HOUSE Series

    What do you dream of when time and space are out of your reach?

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  • JORUX Series

    JORUX is the third t-shirt series of Kaft in 2022. It's the story of everyday short waitings, some uncertainties, and people on earth.

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    Paludarium is Kaft's second t-shirt series of 2022. 3 different characters focusing on their forgotten feelings about other species.

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  • FLAYE Series

    FLAYE is the first t-shirt series from Kaft in 2022. It is the common story of 3 different characters that paint their dreams onto the sky.

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  • KAFT '22 Tees - Teaser

    From inside to outside, from small to large, from matter to meaning. Our new design series have the nature of connecting with each other. Just like the scattered pieces of a long story. 21 different characters in 7 series are nearly here. Our journey is about to begin.

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    Designed as an aesthetic product you can wear in spring, that will protect from light rains. Unisex & comfortable, suitable for daily life activities.

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  • NOOUGA Series

    Lately we've been thinking on "silhouettes" that we don't notice or are used to ignoring. We wanted to take them from the category of figures passing by in the background and place them at the center of the idea. Real life extras are in the lead role of the story this time. One story, three different designs.

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    One of Kaft's t-shirt series in 2021: Turbulence. 3 different t-shirt designs based on the idea of "non-gravity".

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  • HABITAT Series

    Habitat, a much more evolved version of the "Petrosa" design, which will be remembered by those who know Kaft closely, has turned into one of the most natural series of the year.
    Simple designs, knowing the t-shirt form, go through to the back and describe a unique, brand new habitat.

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  • HORIZON Series

    One of Kaft's most original design series: Horizon. We continue to develop a layout idea that started years ago. Throughout the series, we tell momentary stories that run through the mind of someone who has found a hidden corner, sitting calmly looking at the horizon.

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  • XHUD Series

    The fourth t-shirt series of Kaft released in 2021: XHUD. 3 simple, calm, different t-shirt designs, based on the idea of "truth".

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  • ALONDER Series

    The third t-shirt series of Kaft released in 2021: Alonder. 3 simple, calm, different t-shirt designs based on the idea of "no dimension".

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  • KARAVANA Series

    The second t-shirt series of Kaft released in 2021: Karavana. 3 different t-shirt designs based on the idea of "Mistakes".

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  • VREEMU Series

    Vreemu, Kaft'ın 2021'de duyurduğu tişört serilerinin ilki. "Evrim" fikrinden yola çıkan, 3 farklı tişört tasarımı.

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  • Kaft Elements 02

  • RUGA

    The simplest version of a sweatshirt. Always feel comfortable in cool weather, with its lightweight cotton fabric.

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    A collection that is simple but still eye-catching.

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