"They rely on the memory of their index finger and don't know any other shorter way to take pictures than walking. They turned on their camera and checked the exposure. ISO: 30 billion light-years. Their mind opened and the focus was at infinity."

Acro - Tshirt
Acro - Tshirt

"What exactly formed the thought within this spiral of stains hanging in my mind?"

Nuida - Tshirt
New Design

All the destructive suspicions zigzagging around the orbits of my mind were actually made up of primitive codes written in another galaxy.

Ravera - Tshirt

Sometimes all we do is to idle around in a dimensionless platform in a troubled universe for an infinite time.

Brig - Tshirt

Floating is nice, but each time you lose a piece.

Did I just drop the coins?

Lupad - Tshirt

"...these moments start with feeling fed up. The weeks passed on slowly, with a ball of stress piling up in the stomach. And then, when you least expect it and there's no one else, you take the pen with boredom or hit the chord on the old guitar hanging in the corner and it all begins... You can't believe all that's been spilt around when you sober up. They are still shining and moving right in front of you as if their heart was beating. Your opacity, on the other hand, is still at 33%. And you wish you never returned, and they kept spilling."

Bug - Tshirt

I'm Underwater
"Don't do what you want. Do what you don't want. Do what you're trained not to want. Do the things that scare you the most."

Chuck Palahniuk

I'm Underwater - Tshirt

"Action and consciousness aren't in harmony. Action wants to pick the unripe fruit from the tree whereas consciousness leaves them there to ripen for so long that they fall off and get stomped on."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Bitten - Tshirt

Burning Tire
In the end, we were only a handful of people to celebrate our existence; and we had forgotten all the languages we've known.

Burning Tire - Tshirt
Burning Tire - Tshirt

Mother nature and I moved into a new planet. We traveled a few light-years and scattered all we had.

Vantagent - Tshirt
Vantagent - Tshirt

There are more things to be discovered