I'm sure there's a power out there that can age time; leaving it outdated, underdeveloped, and past its prime.

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It was our existence that was dancing with extinction in the orbit of the black holes.

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Sleeping Guards
Though I might have a thousand heads, I will still fall asleep. Neither a flock of birds nor the approaching enemy will be audible to my ears.

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My mind was running so fast that if I had continued that way a little more that rusty mechanism would have failed at some point. I left without being noticed... Oh, damn! Had I turned the valve off before I left?

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Time: 15:33 (UTC+3)

It was on 24th April 1990 when one of the most defining steps about the human being's age-long curiosity for the universe was taken. When the clock struck 15:33, the Hubble Space Telescope, taking its name from Edwin Hubble, was carried into its orbit around Earth by the spacecraft Discovery on its STS-31 mission. Hubble observed more than 1 million celestial bodies during its time in the orbit. In light of the newly acquired data, 13.000 academic articles were published and these articles were referenced more than 550.000 times.

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There are more things to be discovered