I've made a long-term memory of myself in the minds of people that I don't remember from last night.

Tigwa - Tshirt
Tigwa - Tshirt

It's Temporary
"I sit by the window and look out completely in vain. Something always tells me that I'll go mad the next moment. But I don't go mad the next moment. Madness would mean that I'd have to cling to something. Yet I don't cling to anything."

Kárhozat (1988)

It's Temporary - Tshirt

I can imagine the person without the couch, but I realized, to think of the couch without the person, I need to become the couch.

Ekbatop - Tshirt
Ekbatop - Tshirt

My mind was running so fast that if I had continued that way a little more that rusty mechanism would have failed at some point. I left without being noticed... Oh, damn! Had I turned the valve off before I left?

Tafe - Tshirt
Tafe - Tshirt

Soil Mushroom
"Consider what each soil will bear, and what each refuses."


Soil Mushroom - Tshirt

Every house is like a universe that has chaos and harmony at its heart. Each room that it contains, each area that gives it character has its own feeling and atmosphere.

Dodecahedron - Tshirt

...these moments start with feeling fed up. The weeks passed on slowly, with a ball of stress piling up in the stomach. And then, when you least expect it and there's no one else, you take the pen with boredom or hit the chord on the old guitar hanging in the corner and it all begins... You can't believe all that's been spilt around when you sober up. They are still shining and moving right in front of you as if their heart was beating. Your opacity, on the other hand, is still at 33%. And you wish you never returned, and they kept spilling.

Jung - Tshirt

Who knows, maybe once upon a time, gravity too was just a figment of someone's imagination.

Stumble - Tshirt

There are more things to be discovered