Ground Gyration
Rigid cities bend with footprints left on wet concrete, and perhaps, the surface changes its mind.

Ground Gyration - Tshirt
New Design

Who knows, maybe once upon a time, gravity too was just a figment of someone's imagination

Straighten - Tshirt

Floating is nice, but each time you lose a piece.

Did I just drop the coins?

Mosca - Tshirt

He couldn't come to terms with what was against his nature. He didn't see what everyone else regarded as fate and accepted. He knew he'd get more restless as he normalized things. They thought he'd be convinced at the ceremonies of terror whose history began with humanity. The others were so alien to what was going on that they couldn't be native to those grounds. He had to breathe. The freedom he toiled for was a result of his countless moments of desperation... Wherever he goes, there's nothing that he can attach himself to. As he threw aside his shields and chains, he turned his face to where the day dawned. Now he wants to go all the way around the world following an untrodden route.

Manawa - Tshirt
Manawa - Tshirt

Cordialis Aurka
"For she had come to feel that it was the only thing worth saying--what one felt. Cleverness was silly. One must say simply what one felt."

Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway

Cordialis Aurka - Tshirt
Cordialis Aurka - Tshirt

Crazy! Let us hear a bit of the song you'd been singing.

Delirium - Tshirt
Delirium - Tshirt

Zig Zag Stone Stand
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

G. B. Shaw

Zig Zag Stone Stand - Tshirt

There's no one to keep away from on this endless plane; he is close to merely his own foot prints and shadow. Each step he takes shows both where he's getting to and where he's getting away from. His direction expresses his beliefs, his eyes his perspective and his footprints his past. Every step is a link in the chain, every step is a move. He started with one step, migrated with one and returned with another. Taking a step is making a move. He stepped on the street with one step, caught up with one and changed the world with another. A step, a progress... This long walk, this quest is not going to end even when civilization reaches its peak. As he looks at his own trail, his shadow speaks: Where are we going?

Odim - Tshirt

It was born over and over again. Hundreds, thousands, millions of times. Each time, it was a new species. And each time, it evolved back into itself.

Moontu - Tshirt

Sometimes all we do is to idle around in a dimensionless platform in a troubled universe for an infinite time.

Lapid - Tshirt

He continues to be himself with his flawed plans, misunderstood words and repeated mistakes.

Peca - Tshirt

To prevent being destroyed by nature, we gave up on our freedom and accepted to become a society. We don't know if we'd been better in the cave with only five or ten of us, but the order most of us has settled in makes us question whether it was worth the freedom we lost or not.

Dox - Tshirt

There are more things to be discovered